Q & A

How physically challenging will it be?
The trek is physically demanding and you will be walking at altitudes of between 2500 and 3800 masl. You will need to be reasonably fit so some pre tour conditioning is a good idea even if it is only some long walks.

Should I bring walking boots?
It is a good idea to bring good boots. The going can be rocky and there are times of year when you might en-counter rain. If you climb the mountainous areas it can also be cold with the changing altitudes. However the most important thing is that you do not wear brand new boots for a hike that are not broken in as blisters are the worst outcome. Also do not wear old boots that are likely to fall apart.

What kind of clothing should I bring?
Walking trousers, ones with zip-able legs are quite handy. Good socks to go in the boots are important. A collared short sleeve shirt keeps the sun off more of the neck. Do bring a fleece/jacket/top for cold evenings, and a rain/wind jacket for showers and to keep the wind off if it blows. Remember the sun is harsh at altitude so have a sun hat.

Do I need a sleeping bag?
Yes, bring a warm sleeping back that can be wrapped up small for transport.

Will I have to carry all my things?
No there are people and donkeys who will help with this – Limit your bag to 20kg, a rucksack is ideal this service is available at an additional fee.

Can we recharge equipment on the trek?
Unfortunately not; there is often no electricity. However bring spare batteries or a solar charger.

What first aid should I bring?
General plasters, blister plasters, antiseptic cream, something for an upset tummy (Imodium) and a headache. Sun cream.

Is there a mobile network on the trek?
It comes and goes, some places have good reception others none. You might want to buy an ETC sim card in Addis if you want to stay in touch.

How safe is it?
Ethiopians are hospitable and friendly, you will feel safe. You will need to take the normal precautions of any traveller staying in a country like this. There have been incidents in Afar, a long way from these sites. You can be guided by the Foreign Office recommendations for travelling in Ethiopia.

Will I need travel insurance?
Yes, it is essential you have good travel insurance that includes medivac. We will need to have a copy of your certificate with the emergency contact numbers.

Will the itinerary change?

This is an adventure tour, the unexpected often happens and we will adapt to meet the challenge. Opportunities to see the unexpected might present themselves. We cannot guarantee the itinerary but it will be as close as it can be.