Mescha Lodges

Mescha Lodges are nestled at the base of a mountain, that forms a spur running east from the escarpment.

You will find yourself right nestled on the edge, of the Juniper forest in a place that Adam and Eve may have resided! This is truly and wonderful unique place, the silence is almost deafening.

The rewards are great but Mescha is not for the faint,  your health will need to be of a good level and have experience with hiking, you will need to be prepared to walk for three – four hours depending on the route you take.

Its possible to walk from Gush Meda steeply over the escarpment to a place called Wuti, which has stunning views into the forest, or  from Kundi walking down the main track to Mescha village before heading north to the Lodges.

The trek is fascinating and starts around 3800 meters above sea level, with the sharp decent the vegetation changes quickly, closely cropped grass, through giant heather and giant lobillea, the medicinal tree Hagenia abyssinica (African redwood), which can cure humans and animals of worms! These can be seen scattered within the area. At the bottom of the escarpment you will wind your way through tiny fields of barley and pulses.

If you’re lucky you will see Giant Hyrax  or Rock Hyrax called Shekoko by the locals. About the size of a European badger it lives in the cliffs, you will soon recognise its call as it warns others of your approach.

Mescha area is a challenge, but worth the challenge for the unique experience, you will achieve.