Kundi Lodges

Kundi Lodges can be found approximately, an hours drive from Debra Berhan on the all-weather road to Ankober. The ancient capital of Ethiopia.

At around 3500 meters above sea level, and situated on the edge, of the Rift valley escarpment the views are inspiring and breath taking.

You will almost certainly see the endemic Gelada baboons who sometimes stroll in troops of 50 plus, eating the grass and herbs of this classic Afro Alpine environment.

Birds of prey glide along the edge of the escarpment, and if you sit patiently they will fly past very close searching the ground below for food.

These Lodges are the easiest of the terrain, to get to and are around 40 minutes walk up a rough track, through a small village where there is an Orthodox church. The people are friendly, polite and welcoming.

The Lodges are built in the traditional style and sit huddled together on their own.

The fields around are tightly grazed by small groups of cattle and baboon.

This is a quiet almost spiritual pace of great tranquillity and you will feel as if have been transported back in time.